Radiofrecuencia Indiba

The regenerative radiofrequency method of Indiba, is a unique and exclusive radiofrequency system, patented and clinically proven, which is used in the field for aesthetics, physiotherapy and medicine. Indiba is employed in facial, body and hair treatments, with visible results from the first sessions.

Deep action

The exclusive Indiba method balances the cellular exchange of Ions, and in this way the cells recover their natural function. Therefore, the skin tissue recovers its lost elasticity, the fat is disappearing and oxygen flows better between the cells, the correct microcirculation is restored, and in general, the skin rejuvenates.

Rejuvenecimiento Indiba

Wide range of benefits

  • Reduce Facial Wrinkles
  • Eye bags and dark circles
  • Anti-ageing effect
  • Moisturize skin
  • Remodelling the silhouette
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Heal wounds

INDIBA Deep Beauty 

Since the Proionic System works on cell function and its regeneration, uses are diverse:

• Rejuvenation – collagen stimulation

• Contouring

• Reduction of cellulite

• Removal of toxins

• Firming – collagen stimulation

• Improving skin tone

• Tightening – collagen stimulation

• Uplifting

• Anti-inflammatory

• Improving circulation

• Decongesting

• Relaxation


Testimonios Indiba

Testimionios Indiba

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