Men’s salon

eliveli men men's salon has more than twenty five years of experience, an authority in men’s hairdressing and aesthetics sector.

We apply the most exclusive work beauty methods for men, while offering our professionalism and the most advanced cosmetic treatments.

We offer personalized services which are chosen according to the characteristics and preferences of our clients.

The most innovative styles and best hair care products.


Personal services for each and every one of our clients:


Great variety of fashionable men’s haircuts ( from the classics to the trendiest ones).

Hair coloring, dyeing and highlights

The most innovative treatments and best products for hair care and conditioners; dyes and highlights, and more great trends for men.

Capillary treatment products

The best professional hair care brands. Personalized treatments for hair problems (dandruff, peeling scalp and hair falling out). 


  • Men’s salon
  • Men’s salon
  • Men’s salon
  • Men’s salon